Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Winners are chosen, important information about this blog, and Applebee's nurse-in info

First of all I'd like to announce the five winners of the Breast Milk Baby Doll! These winners were chosen at random (random meaning my five year old scrolled up and down while my three year old pointed to the screen five times). I have informed the manufacturer of the winners and you will be contacted via e-mail soon to tell them where to ship your doll to.

Over 800 people entered; five lucky winners were chosen! Congratulations:

Laura Green 

Claire Perez

Ana Dimas

Michael Welsh

Danielle Taylor

As a reminder, the $30 off coupon is STILL valid for the next 3 weeks. Use code: 
FB00764 to get $30 off your purchase of The Breast Milk Baby. 

Important info about this blog

Now I'd like to take this opportunity to discuss the intention of this blog and the accompanying facebook page. "If breastfeeding offends you, put a blanket over YOUR head!" is a blog that hopes to raise awareness of the importance of breastfeeding and to normalize the sight of breastfeeding whether it be in public or where ever the baby needs to eat.

There are about 270,000 followers of the facebook page and as a result there are different people from different walks of life with different viewpoints and different ideas about what my page should do. So to clear up any confusion here is what you can expect and what you will see should you choose to continue reading this blog/FB page.

1. Interesting and important updates in the world of breastfeeding. These may be news articles, videos, info about upcoming nurse-ins, and much more.

2. Relevant product giveaways. Because of the large size of our facebook page, many mom and baby product manufacturers and small time work at home moms offer to giveaway a few of their products on my page. It brings publicity and awareness to their product and you guys get free stuff. Everyone wins! If you don't want to see our posts but still want to support the page, there IS an option to hide the page from your news feed so you don't see updates. So far, out of 270,000 people only one has messaged me with a complaint but I am sure there are more people out there who aren't interested. If you have a breastfeeding or baby related product and you'd like to give one (or more) away to my readers, feel free to contact me via private message on the facebook page.

3. Breastfeeding and baby related questions. Lots of people post their questions and concerns on the wall and receive helpful answers. With such a large and supportive community its a great place to ask questions! Feel free to send me a private message and I can repost your question anonymously for you. Feel free to answer any questions or requests for advice that you see on the page. That's what makes us a helpful and supportive community.

I'd like to thank everyone for continuing to be supportive of our group after over two years! Let's continue being one of the best breastfeeding communities on facebook. 

Will you be participating in the Nationwide Applebee's Nurse-In?


Save 10% off your order of $40 or more from our store! 

Use code: SHOPTY3

Valid until October 5, 2012! Check out our shop!


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