Monday, April 26, 2010

Facebook took away our publishing rights!

Facebook has taken away our ability to post on our facebook group!

I've started a new one here. I would appreciate it if you all joined and invited your friends. If you would like to remain updated on our giveaways and other news, join the new page.

We did NOT let facebook stop us when they removed our breastfeeding photos. We did NOT let them stop us when trolls spammed our page with hateful messages and pornography. And we will NOT let them stop us this time either!


  1. have you have any communication with facebook to find out why?

  2. mmmmm you can use any sort of profanity on face book, cyber bully,pedophiles leer at pictures of children and do god knows what yet a picture and info of babies breast feeding is offensive????? GO FIGURE THAT ONE
    I breast fed my 2 children discreetly whilst in public and got negative comments but i used stronger language than to tell them to put a blanket over their heads. It is as nature intended so do not let anyone intimidated or embarass you

  3. Too right! You go girl! Breastfeeding Rules, so natural! I'm still breastfeeding my 16 month old little girl! Keep the fighting spirit. It should be made compulsory to breastfeed!

  4. FB said my breastfeeding photo was not "correct"? something about nudity? lol
    I was breastfeeding my baby and my nephew, car his mama was bussy.
    They R just crazy

  5. I am not offended by breastfeeding but, no, you do not have a "right" to post anything on Facebook. Their house, their rules.