Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How the Facebook group got started: 200,000+ fans, trolls, prudes, and Australian morning news

Founded in January 2010, "If Breastfeeding offends you, put a blanket over YOUR head!" is a relatively new facebook fan page that has grown to become enormously popular. Only 2 months after its creation it already boasts over 220,000 fans and has been mentioned by several news outlets including Australia's #1 morning news show, Sunrise, and ABC statewide radio in Australia. As far as we know, no major US news sources have mentioned us.

"If breastfeeding offends you..." was started as a fan page for mothers who weren't afraid to nurse their babies any time and any place they needed to, and for those that support a woman's right to feed her baby in peace without being harassed by ignorant people telling her to cover up or go nurse in a bathroom. As the group began getting thousands of new fans everyday those fans began posting lovely pictures of themselves feeding their infants the way nature intended. Then the controversy began as facebook resumed their notorious practice of deleting breastfeeding photos for "nudity" (despite the fact that facebook is plastered with soft porn ads and half naked tweens). Some mothers even had their accounts deleted, including one of our moderators. To this day we continue posting our pictures because we know that we are right.

Our group still continues to be plagued by ignorant comments, trolls who post pornography and call us pedophiles, and people reporting our beautiful pictures. But we won't be stopped. We are women. We are mothers. We are lactivists. And we are strong.


  1. This is a fantastic idea, I joined on Facebook as soon as I heard.

    As a mum of two who is still breastfeeding my youngest (14 months), I wholeheartedly support and will always promote breastfeeding as healthy and natural.

    Unfortunately some people take issue with my 'extended' breastfeeding, as you can read about here

  2. Great read! Thank you! You're an incredibly brave and strong woman!