Saturday, March 13, 2010

T-shirts, bumper stickers, and mugs are here!

Since I started the facebook group two months ago people have been demanding t-shirts and bumper stickers with our slogan on it. I realized "Hey! I want a bumper sticker that says that too!" so we opened up an online store.

It's just the bare minimum right now but we will be adding more soon.
Do you have a funny, catchy, or interesting breastfeeding slogan you want to see on shirts, onesies, or stickers? Leave your slogan in the comments and if we like it we will add a t-shirt with it!


  1. Milk comes fresh from the breast

    Sweet Mazz

  2. hahah i want one for my little guy

  3. Stop staring at my baby's next meal!
    I'm picturing this on either a baby tee, something that would cling on top, or a vee-neck that would show off that wonderful cleavage most Mommy's get!

  4. A friend of mine has an awesome shirt that says "I make milk. What's your superpower?"

  5. i made a nursing top/onesie combo for me and my 2nd son. mine said, 'these boobs are made for suckin'" and his said, 'and that's just what i'll do.'

    i am cowmom, hear me moo!


  6. "You don't eat your lunch in a toilet cubicle, so why should my baby?!" :D

  7. 100% ta-ta fed


    100% Breastfed Baby

    Stop staring, I don't watch you eat!

    You suck for watching me suck!

    What? Never seen a boob before?

  8. A friend of mine made a set that said... Mom's shirt says "Supply" and baby shirt says "Demand"

  9. Keep it up, breastfed babies are the best - other babies that have to drink formula just don't get the best start, Like I said, Moms keep up the good work, there aren't many other ways to say I love my baby more!

  10. Love these!! Any way the shirts could be done in darker colors??

  11. i like: for healthy nutrition see attached with a picture of a baby on the boob, though i've seen it on a poster, not my idea. another funny one is: free with every delivery

  12. Love it! Any chance you's would make a singlet so we could feed our babies whilst wearing the shirt?

  13. "If breasts are only sexual objects then bottles are dildos."

  14. I love these shirts and want to buy one for my son. Can anyone please tell me where they're made?? Pleeease don't tell me they're made in China.

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  16. I love them all,
    I might suggest 'I love them more than Daddy.'
    I just want to put in a little warning of a Brand in AUSTRALIA that do slogans on T-shirts. They are called 'Cotton On Kids'and you just might want to check copywrite before putting slogans on (which I am sure you will do). Keep up the great work. Erin

  17. I have one that says "Daddy plays with my food" and "Breasts, not just for selling cars"

  18. You should consider putting ur logo on the front of the onesie or t-shirt and putting the catchy slogan on the back of the baby's onesie or t-shirt bcuz if the baby is breastfeeding no one will be able to read it. Plus no baby sits up straight and they always have dirty shirts, but the back of their shirt is always clean and easily visible. Just an idea.

    I worked in advertising for five years. Here are some ideas from the world wide web and me:

    Milk Mustache Man

    More room in the handbag, less junk in the trunk

    Lunch is on me!

    100% BPA Free

    100% Environmentally friendly...if you stop staring!

    Real Fast Food

    More money to spend on shoes

    More moo, less you

    Breastfeeding beauty

    I like to whip 'em out!

  19. Here are the Top 10 from Cafe Press

    1. Why buy the cow when you get mama’s milk for free?
    2. Mothersucker.
    3. All night milk bar.
    4. Weapons of mass lactation.
    5. Choosy toddlers choose breastmilk.
    6. If nursing in public offends you, please feel free to put a blanket over your head!
    7. Silly Daddy, boobs are for babies!
    8. Blissed out on breastmilk.
    9. My honor student was breast-fed.
    10. Mommy’s milk is better than any udder milk!

  20. I assume CafePress doesn't do nursing about and iron-on that we can add to our own?
    I have a nursing tank top that says,
    "Got Milk!"

  21. heres an idea, put the slogan on the butt of the babies onesie. that way when they are nursing people can actually see the slogan!!!! and if someone has the gaul to say anything to you, you can say cant you read my babies butt!

  22. Human milk for HUMAN babies!

  23. Would love to see the tshirts in darker colors like brown, olive green, etc.

  24. They are cute - but remember to keep the slogans non-sexual - I don't think it will help the cause to have a slogan like "silly daddy, boobies are for babies" - it just sounds sexual in nature and that means breastfeeding is obscene....

    Just a thought - I love a LOT of the ideas here and I may just go out and get the shirt paint and printable iron-ons myself if I have to!! LOL

  25. I've always liked the simplicity of:



  26. I have one for my son that says "me and my dad love boobies..." but my all time favorite onesie has a picture of a cow in a circle with a line through it that says "no thanks, I eat at moms"

  27. 100% Organic
    100% Natural
    100% Locally Produced
    100% Mummy Milk!

  28. i agree with what a few others have said: put the logo on the back of the onesie so that it can be read while nursing, or while the baby is sitting up or being held. and, darker colors are better for a clean appearance (babys are hard to keep stain-free!)
    I love the slogan written above: Breasts, not just for selling cars! It really sums it up : )

  29. What about a button we can put on our blogs???

  30. We painted slogans on onesies at a baby shower, they turned out cute.

  31. Oh, please do the "Supply" and "Demand" matching shirt/onesie that Adrienne mentioned. I would totally buy that!

  32. "Where Kids Eat for Free"

    "Booby Time"