Saturday, March 13, 2010

We need your help!

If you have nursed a baby into toddlerhood or nursed younger siblings around older ones, odds are your child has pretended to breastfeed one of their toys (or maybe their little sibling)! We want to do a fun and cute post full of pictures of babies and children pretending to breastfeed. Kind of like this one:

If you want your child's picture to be included send it to us at
Please include something in the subject along the lines of "Child pretending to nurse" so that we know what its for. We get hundreds of e-mails at that address and sadly can't always read or respond to all of them (there's only 3 of us and we have babies too!). You may also include a short caption that you want posted along with the picture. We are also accepting pictures of kids trying to use breastpumps!

Thanks for your help and be sure to check back for the next post if you want to be overloaded with adorableness!


  1. What an absolutely brilliant idea! When I look at pictures like these I can't help but smile. It's such a shame though, that these lucky kids are the minority in these days. These are the kids that will grow up with a normal respect for women and for breastfeeding because they have seen it, and understand it. These are the kids that will change the world.

  2. pictures like these were one of my very favorite things about "mothering" magazine while i was a subscriber. :)